The client is a subsidiary of a world leading mobile operator which owns UMTS licenses in different countries and has been pioneer in launching UMTS services in the EU.
The market is one of the most competitive in Europe with established GSM network operators and a number of MVNOs.
The client has the challenge of building one of the first UMTS technology infrastructures in the world.
The goal of the project is to support the design of the IT architecture as well as the operations of the new 3G operator:
Enabling services such as messaging and m-commerce.
Supporting services–billing, order management, CRM, etc.
Network services.
Device management.

Valoris role

Design of the logical architecture.
Interim management of a customer’s team.
Design of Application and Network Enabling Services.
Define the physical architecture.


Infrastructure technology definition developed in 4 months.
Successful launch of the service.

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Telecom Proj. Examples

3G mobile IT strategy definition