Our client is the fourth mobile operator by market share in one of the biggest European markets. The company is suffering from competitive pressure on prices of voice services. As data products are the only possible source of ARPU increases, the four market players in the market are launching and promoting aggressively new services. On the other hand, independent content providers are entering the value chain of new data provision, capturing an important part of the revenue.

The main goal is to define and implement a new data products strategy which ensures the development of the ARPU data share from 18% of the revenues to more than 30% in the next five years.

Valoris role

Valoris project’s approach is based on:

New services prioritisation, in depth analysis of: music, gaming, interactive content, vertical applications, M2M and advertising.

Define the partnership strategy, economics, and detailed product and tariff alternatives. Define the sales strategy and processes and support to operations for mobile data business services.

Generate the technology roadmap.


New strategy for data products developed.
Important increase of data revenues achieved.

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Telecom Proj. Examples

Defining and launching new mobile data products