Our client –a mobile operator in the largest European market– holds a license in the 3.5GHz spectrum. There is a need to analyze the attractiveness of exploiting this license in a context of high uncertainty surrounding the following issues:

The regulator has not taken any position regarding the usage of the licenses.
The technologies to enable services in this specific spectrum are in the early stages of development. WiMAX appears to be the best alternative however it has not yet been implemented in any market.
The operator owns a UMTS license and needs to define how a WiMAX offering will fit into its network strategy and how it could enhance its product portfolio.
There are a large number of alternatives to provide broadband services, which current market demand cannot sustain. Furthermore, access prices are expected to decline in the coming years.

Valoris role

Valoris approach consists of defining the entire strategy, following the steps:

Evaluation of the alternative technologies which enable provision of wireless services in the 3.5GHz.
Analysis the products enabled by WiMAX and their fit with a UMTS product portfolio.
Development of a scenario analysis (2004-2010) considering equipment availability and cost of stations and CPEs, demand and competitors.


Definition of the operator┤s WiMAX strategy, including customer value proposition, partnership strategy, detailed network deployment plan and market-entry strategy.

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Tech. Project Examples

Definition of operator WiMAX strategy.