The clients, a logistic operator and a media company, have detected a high level of returns and stock-outs at the same time.
The challenge is to increase the efficiency per POS distribution in order to improve sales and reduce costs, given a certain number of units to be distributed.

Valoris role

Valoris used a three-phases approach to meet the objectives:

Centralisation and optimisation per POS distribution:
"Bottom-up" strategy (per POS) instead of “top-down” (per geographical area).
Develop per POS distribution algorithms based on its specific history of sales and profile.
Set-up tools to escalate and automatise models.
Definition and implementation of a returns redistribution process:
Develop algorithms to evaluate sales potential in POS with stock-outs.
Define and develop a process to centralise returns to be redistributed to POS with sales potential.
Definition and implementation of KPIs / Scorecard:
Business case of the expected economic impact for the publisher and the logistic operator.
KPIs definition and set-up of the objectives.


Major increase in sales through collectible curve improvement with a reduction on returns, and as a consequence, the reduction of product costs.

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M&S Project Examples

Optimization of POS distribution.