The high subscriber acquisition costs (SAC) paid in the past by mobile operators are no longer affordable. The online channel is an excellent alternative to reduce SAC, along with developing a direct relationship with the customer.

The client is a mobile network operator (MNO) in the EU who has already identified online channel as a key priority in the sales strategy. Nevertheless, results had been disappointing with below-target gross adds and high acquisition costs.

The project’s objective is to increase online sales while minimizing the impact in other channels.

Valoris role

In order to meet the objective, Valoris performs the following main tasks:

Audit of the company’s online channel.
Identification of the key levers to boost sales.
Definition of an exclusive offer for the online channel (devices, tariffs, included services,…).
Definition of exclusive commercial campaigns online and offline.
Re-launch of complementary sales channels (telemarketing) and identification of synergies with other channels (indirect and own retailers).
Re-definition of the “customer experience” and related processes.
Identification and implementation of KPIs.


Online sales have increased by ten-fold, reaching a 10% of total company revenue (plans are reaching 20% in 12 months).
Acquisition cost has been reduced by €30 and customer life-time value has been increased by €85.

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M&S Project Examples

Fostering online sales channel.