Valoris supports media groups (TV, press, magazines, publishers, etc.) with their online strategy:

Helping clients in the design of the acquisition strategy of Internet companies; identifying opportunities, valuing companies, supporting in negotiations and integrating acquired companies
Supporting in the organizational design and leveraging synergies between Internet companies and the rest of the divisions
Developing new operations in the Internet, when there are no assets to build on or no acquisition options

Valoris helps companies in capturing business through the Internet, developing online sales channels in diverse sectors such as education, mobile telephony or banking:

Developing online sales channels for client acquisition and improve existing clients relationship
Optimizing existing acquisition strategies and adapting the mix of media and promotions

Valoris supports fast-moving consumer goods companies (FMCG) in their marketing innovation strategy linked with the Internet:

Developing Internet presence models that provide awareness at low cost via their own website, social network presence and relational marketing with opinion leaders (bloggers)

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Internet Project Examples