Gonçal is Principal at the Barcelona office. Gonçal joined Valoris in 2000. At Valoris, he leads projects in the media, Internet, publishing and educational sectors focusing primarily on marketing, commercial and strategy areas

Gonçal has developed new start-ups, valued acquisitions or launched new sales channels for clients such as Grupo Planeta, Groupe Edipresse, Enciclopedia Catalana, Grupo Zeta, MC Ediciones, Apax and Nmas1. Additionally, he has also worked in the telecom sector for clients such as Proximus (Belgacom Group), O2 Germany and Euskaltel

Prior to joining Valoris, he worked at Andersen Consulting in the strategy group of the telecom and media industry


Gonçal is an Industrial Engineer from the University Polytechnic of Catalonia (Spain).

Gonçal can be contacted at gbonmati@valoris.com

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Gonçal Bonmati