Telecom Project Examples

Defining and launching new mobile data products
Strategy re-definition of indirect sales channel
3G mobile IT strategy definition
Fostering online sales channel
Device strategy for a mobile operator
Definition of operator WiMAX strategy
Developing a Pan-European MVNE
Launching a retail MVNO
Improving MVNO business performance of an MNO
Launching the MVNO of a telecom operator
Launching an ethnic MVNO
Launching an MVNO for a financial institution

Media Project Examples

Direct marketing and datamining
Channel marketing for DVD
Optimization of POS distribution
Print run optimization
Outsourcing the national magazine distribution
Online strategy for a magazine publisher

Internet Services Project Examples

Fostering the online sales channel
Online strategy for a magazine publisher
Sales channel innovation for banking

Cross-industry Project Examples

Market and sales channel due diligence of a technology company
Strategic due diligence of an industrial company
Opportunity sizing and market entry strategy for a retail company
Sales force dynamization for business segment
Improving sales force lead management processes
Bad debt optimization for direct sales force