The Indirect Channel has historically focused its efforts in acquiring mobile subscribers. With markets reaching saturation, energies must be shifted to ARPU development and customer retention.

The client is the leading mobile network operator (MNO) in the Belgian market, with more than 4 million customers and a market share above 60%.
The project objective is to define and implement a channel strategy that:

Reduces residual (airtime) commissions.
Maintains dealer commission levels.
Ensures new sources of revenues for points of sale (POS).
Increases customer development revenues.

Valoris role

Valoris approach consists of rethinking the entire channel strategy. In order to do this, Valoris conducts the following tasks:

Segmentation of the POS according to their capabilities, focus and performance and implementation of specific actions per segment.
Definition of a POS commission scheme attractive, coherent and fraud resistant which ensures former POS income.
Development of new activities aiming at developing and retaining the operator’s customer base while increasing potential POS revenues.


Successful implementation of the new commission scheme and its contractual framework, improving significantly customer’s ARPU.

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Telecom Proj. Examples

Strategy re-definition of indirect sales channel