The client’s subscription pull has experimented a sustained growth for the past years. To contribute to this trend, the client has proactively carried out two types of actions:

Increase the value and affinity of subscription gifts.
Develop mailing tests to their clients.

The client is aimed at gaining knowledge of the potential of direct channels and optimising its direct marketing practises.

Valoris role

Valoris supports the client to perform:

Business case, defining strategic priorities and estimating the economic potential impact of the different alternatives, costs and investments.
Database normalisation and datamining.
Direct marketing strategy definition, including the audit of direct marketing initiatives and processes, the development of strategic guidelines of Direct Marketing Plan and Direct Marketing Plan.
Action Plan and results measurement.


Outstanding improvement of pull ratios (best historic performance).
Development of knowledge about customer value that allows strategic decision making (e.g. to quantify budget for customer acquisition / retention).

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Media Project Examples

Direct Marketing & Datamining