Marketing Strategies

Leveraging telecommunications expertise and best practices, Valoris supports top companies in:

Developing online and e-commerce strategies.
Defining PULL vs. PUSH sales approach using new direct channels – Internet and mobile – to reduce acquisition cost and target new customers.
Developing and implementing innovative loyalty programs.
Reinforcing communication from other channels apart of Internet and mobile: TV, radio, etc.
Innovating in trade marketing actions and tools.

Sales effectiveness

Valoris supports companies to effectively achieve sales targets by:

Assessing commercial framework effectivenes, leveraging on datamining analysis to identify : Key variables impacting on sales results + Churn or sales potential within customer base
Defining and implementing coaching programs leading to improve team's sales orientation
Implementing effective sales score cards by identify KPIs driving sales profitability
Restructuring sales force or POS distribution
Reinventing new sales and channels strategies
Outsourcing incompany sales training programs
Automating and field managing for retail sales forces

Opportunity Assesment

Valoris helps banks, venture capital firms in:

Identifying new business opportunities.
Independent review of company valuation
Leading due-diligence processes to support transactions.
Launching post-acquisition “revenue boosting” programs.

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Cross Project Examples